Friday, January 4, 2008

Poll- Who Do I Resemble?

In the acting business it is only natural to be compared to other people in your field. I have heard a wide range of comparisons, especially since going blonde, so I thought I would see what you think. Below is a list of everyone that people have compared me to (click link to see photos): leave a comment and tell me your vote:

Leslie Mann
Naomi Watts
Amy Adams
Nicole Kidman
Kristin Davis
Holly Hunter
Marley Shelton (just did stand in work for her)
Kali Rocha (more for her personality than looks, I think)
Winona Ryder (really?)

You can also write in a vote!


  1. All I know is I went and saw "Enchanted" yesterday and was thinking the whole time - Erin totally could have done this role.

    My vote is Amy Adams.

    Though Naomi Watts and Kristin Davis come close too.

  2. I left an audition the other day, and as I was walking out an actor stopped me just to say, "You totally look like Amy Adams!" She was really excited about it too, it was weird.

  3. Gah! I'm so disappointed! I left a particularly witty comment on this post yesterday, but I guess I must have done something wrong.


    I really cracked myself up with that one, too.

    Three words:




    Spell checker says "yus" isn't a word. Darn.


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