Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bookings galore

Fortunately, or unfortunately, I was booked on both gigs- the photo double gig for Naomi Watts with Grant Wilfley Casting and the 2 days of featured BG with Amerifilm Casting. Amerifilm called me first- both with the availability check and the booking confirmation, so I had to go with that one. This is for an untitled Paul Giamatti project (development page at IMDB Pro, not sure) in which I will play a "female director's assistant." I think my call time at at 7am in Brooklyn- yuck.

I had to make a somewhat uncomfortable call to Allison at Grant Wilfley. Now, all they had done was ask for my availability for doing the photo double work on Thursday, and then they would have the director decide if he wanted to use me. And I had not yet heard from them one way or the other when Adam at Amerifilm called me to book me. So, I called to let Allison know I had booked a longer gig and I was no longer available on Thursday. She said that they were planning on using me on Thursday and they were disappointed that I was no longer available. She said something about the director not yet approving me but that they we certain it would have been approved. It is a weird situation- it is not uncommon for things like this to happen but it still feels bad when it does. I don't want Allison to feel like I am not reliable, but at the same time I had to pick the project that a) seemed best for me at the time, and b) the one that actually booked me first. Just asking for availability is not a booking, and if I had held out for the photo double work there was a chance they could have passed on me and I would have had nothing. But most of the time being asked for availability leads to a booking so this ended up being a very sticky situation.

I gave Allison my availability for the rest of the month in case they had other photo double work they needed, or other stand in work. We'll see what happens. And once I find out my actual schedule tomorrow and Friday I can call them in case I can somehow do both. They work with so many actors that I am sure this snafu won't really affect me long term. but in the short term I am filled with both happiness that I will make some money this week, and ickiness that I was unable to book these things more smoothly.

Oh, and I left a message for the theater casting director about the audition, but have not been called back yet. We'll see if they can hold the audition another day...


  1. You did the right thing. Too often, the agency is "sure" you'll be approved and then something happens and someone else is cast.

    You took the best gig for you and the one that booked you first. You were honest and let the other place know as soon as the booking was set.

    If they really wanted you, they should have called sooner and given you a definite.

    If they try to "punish" you because you refused to be left twisting in the wind, go elsewhere.

    Good luck.

    Ink in My Coffee

  2. Great points, Devon! Stay tuned for my next blog- I will be posting about my adventures on the set with Paul Giamatti. Thanks for stopping by!


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