Friday, January 4, 2008

Audition Log: Artsy with an Edge

I started out the new year with a couple of great auditions. First, I was called in for a play called “Warning: Adult Content.” I was called in for a role described as, “Late 20s. Beautiful. Damaged. Manic depressive. Strong singing skills a must. Smart and forgiving. Incurable romantic.” Apparently the character was a singer, so they asked me to prepare a song (to be sung a cappella) along with a monologue. I auditioned for the director and the playwright, who were very nice. They seemed to like my monologue- they laughed in all of the appropriate places. When I was done, the director asked me if I had another monologue that was a little “darker.” I did and I performed it. When I was done, the director said, “Thanks- that’s exactly what I wanted,” and the playwright joked, “Thanks for bringing me down!” It was nice to know that I could be well prepared in a situation like that. I hadn;t performed the dramatic piece in months, and it was nice to know I could pull it out of my back pocket and give an honest performance.

I then sang a verse and chorus of my song. When I was done, they asked me if I was familiar with the roles that are available in their show. They said I would still be considered for the original role, but that they also wanted to consider me for the lead role. The only caveat- the lead role would likely include some tasteful nudity. They asked me my thoughts about that. Personally, I have no moral problem with nudity. I have a nervousness about it because I do not have a 20-year old body. I am sure I could do some conditioning in the 6 weeks before opening, but holy crap it makes me nervous anyway. I am a shy girl, and am not great with vulnerability. But if it was a good script and I have a chance to grow as a performer, I would be more than happy to do it. Plus, it is better to try out nudity on stage rather than in film- a stage performance fades into the ether when completed- film is forever! They told me that they would like to consider me for both roles, and they would be in touch if they need to see me for callbacks. I would be satisfied either way- I felt like I accomplished something in the audition and I could easily leave it at the door.

After that I went to a seminar with commercial agent Lakey Wolff from CESD. Lakey was great- she had just the kind of personality that I click with and would be a joy to have on my team. I performed short commercial copy and then spent the rest of my time asking questions about her impression of my type and fit in the industry She said that I have a good look that would allow me to do a large amount of roles. She said I might be able to do “young mom“ but that mostly I am a girl next door with an artsy edge. She said that my hair color (which has highlights, lowlights and some red underneath) is what makes me a little more edgy, and that my personal style seems artsy. She picked which headshot she preferred for commercial work, and said that the headshot looked just like me (which is so great to hear!) She asked me to keep in touch with her by email, and I certainly will!

So far I have 3 auditions scheduled next week- but I am sure more will come up!

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