Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm a big winner!

I am an avid reader of "The Casting Corner" a blog put out by LA casting director, Mark Sikes, every week through Actors Access. This Monday, he had this in his column:

"Just when you thought The Casting Corner couldn't get any more interactive, I break down that final wall! For those of you who are still hanging in there this year and reading the column every week or those lucky enough to have popped in this week, you'll be glad you did. I'm going to conduct several generals with readers of my column! I want you to write me an email and tell me why we should have a general. I will read them all over and select a few people who really convince me we should meet. But there are a couple of guidelines.

1) You must be someone I've never auditioned!
2) Please limit emails to 100 words or less total!
3) Please attach a pic and resume, not a link, but an actual attachment!
4) Live in Maine? No problem! I will consider actors from all over the world and we can do our general over the phone!"

So, I immediately sent an email submission requesting a general, and I got it!!!! All I have to do is call his office after the holidays, and I can pick his brain for a few minutes. I could not be more excited. First, I am excited because based on my materials I look like someone he wants to know more about. And, second, because I get to ask all of the questions of this CD that I have always wanted answers to.

Have a question you want answered? Let me know by leaving a comment and I will see if I can work it into the meeting. Click to visit The Casting Corner.

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  1. Congrats! You're one of the people who I really admire for walking the walk with your networking. Keep up the great work!


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