Monday, December 10, 2007

Audition Log: Musicals Galore

In the last few days I’ve had auditions for 2 brand new musicals being produced in New York City. I got both auditions by submitting my materials via email, then received audition requests within a week or two after that.

The first one was for a musical revue involving the devil and 3 of his right-hand women. So, I chose two wildly different songs to show my range, and I also was asked to do a monologue. When I gave my music to the accompanist, I commented that the acoustics of the room seemed really great. he responded, “Oh, I think it is rather gloomy in here.” Okay... not a good way to start. I began the first song, and it was obvious that the accompanist was having trouble with my music. Ultimately, this was fine because I was really familiar with it so it didn’t throw me off. When we finished, the accompanist apologized and I said, “Don’t worry- we’re a team and we did fine!” (I wanted to make sure this producer knew that I was a team player and easy to work with, even when things were not going as well as expected- hiccups at the piano can really cost you a gig.) The good news was that the producer asked me for a 2nd headshot/resume, which made me feel great and I sang very, very well.

The second audition was for the Prospect Theater Company and was pretty cut and dry. I showed up, did my thang, and left. This was a cabaret style musical but with non-traditional music, so I came in with a couple of pieces that matched the style of the show and did what I could with them. What was most impressive was the audition facility, which was the Manhattan Theater Club offices (apparently they rented the space.) It was kind of incredible to be waiting in the lobby looking at huge photographs of current and past Broadway shows. In a way it made me feel very small, because (holy crap!) these are the best of the best and I am in awe! But at the same time it made me realize how close I really am to having everything that I have been working for, and it was humbling and exciting at the same time.

If I am called back for one of these shows I will probably know in the next few days. If not, I won’t be notified at all. No bother- I still have many, many auditions coming up so I cannot pause for even a second to contemplate the “what if”s. That’s kind of the nice thing about New York- there is so much going on you don’t have time to give in to your neurosis’!

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  1. Doin a little happy dance! I love to hear about the auditions! Keep it coming!


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