Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Audition Log: Learned Something Today

First off, let me start by saying that I got a callback for Prospect Theater Company- yahoo! Callbacks are on Saturday. At this point, all I can do is show up prepared and ready for fun- and then they will decide which combination of actors is best for the project. But the fact that I got a callback is really, really encouraging! I have to prepare 2 songs from the show and be ready to read sides from the script. This should be a lot of fun.

Monday I met and performed for agent Cynthia Katz of The Artists Group, hoping get feedback about my audition materials. She was very impressed with the monologue I’ve been using, and commented about how refreshing it was to meet someone who really knew who they were as an actor. What a huge acknowledgement! This is exactly what I have been teaching actors through The Actors Enterprise, and it feel so great to be validated. Cynthia said something very interesting during the Q&A- she said that monologues are not as much about showing that you can act, but really are an introduction of who you are as a person- are you someone they want to work with, to fight for? Very interesting stuff.

Tuesday I got to perform for Maria Higgins of Julie Tucker Casting and Val McKeon, a jr. legit agent with Innovative. This time I performed sides from a TV show. I was originally given sides for a 15 year old ditsy blonde described as having “enormous breasts.” Anyone who knows me is aware that I have nowhere the large breasts mentioned. I was lamenting this fact to my mother yesterday, and I told her that I don’t even have cleavage when hanging upside down. She laughed so hard she had to put down the phone. I’ve never made her do THAT before. So, I don’t have large breasts and, oh, I am not 15 YEARS OLD, so the sides were all wrong for me. I asked to have different sides set, and those were much better- for a 2-episode role from “Damages” which is cast by Maria’s office. I gave it a strong read and Maria gave me some adjustments to see if I could take direction and show another side to the character. I gave a strong 2nd read, and Maria thanked me for making the adjustment. And that was it! Short and sweet. She gave me a chance to ask questions, I wish I had thought to ask about my type or how good my headshots are working, but it is always hard to tell how much of that looks like business and how much looks like desperation or the need for applause. Next time I will be better prepared with some questions I want answered no matter how the session goes. Add one more notch to the “Learned something new today” log.

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