Friday, October 5, 2007

New York Moment

Quintessential New York Moment: I was walking down 23rd St between 5th and Park Aves and a good looking Latina woman, between the ages of 30-40, was walking in the opposite direction towards me. She crosses the sidewalk closer to me, reaches out and stops me.

Her: "Hi. Can I talk to you for a minute?"
Me: "Uh..."

Did she think I was someone else? Did she need directions? Did I have toilet paper stuck to my shoe?

Her: "I'm a psychic, and I see so much around you." (does hang gesture "around" me)
Me: (Blank stare)
Her: "I can really help you. I see so much." (takes out her business card)
Me: (Catching on and pulling away) "Oh! No. No, thanks. Uh... no."

She should have seen THAT coming.

Later, Tom said, "C'mon, you wanted to take her up on it." He was right. I totally want to know what color my aura is. Sigh.


  1. Mostly it's a neon-royal blue, but nearest you and sparkling the rest, it's pinks and oranges kind of like a sun-rise. It's very dense. Very powerful. It extends about three or four inches mostly, a little further where your limbs join your torso and around your hands and head.

    Just so you know I'm not making this stuff up, mine is a brownish-green, like the light in a forest, and extends several feet around me, but is nowhere near as dense as yours.

    Tom's is orangy-red, about the same size as yours, but bigger near his heart, not his hands, and is greater in density than mine, but less than yours.

    Jess's is bright purple-pink with emerald and sapphire sparkles. Denver's is tan-brown and falls around her like a wet towel.

    Tell me I'm wrong.

  2. Yeah, but what does it all MEAN??? =)

  3. Basically, no spicy foods three hours before bed, drink plenty of water, and watch your caffeine intake. One night every few months, you and Tom should roller-skate the night away. Invest in bowler hats. Avoid tendencies to read books with an odd number of pages.

    Plus, keep a proactive attitude toward handling your mail. You could already be a winner.


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