Monday, October 1, 2007

Best Cheesesteak Ever- A Review

The famed location of Sally’s fake orgasm in “When Harry Met Sally”, Katz’s Delicatessen, has been a staple for kosher American food for decades. But as of Friday, I had lived in New York for more than 2 years and still hadn’t eaten there. In 2006 a rumor started to spread that the deli might be closing due to condo/apartment development in the area. So when I walked through the Lower East Side after a great audition for an independent film on Friday afternoon, I decided to pop in to Katz’s see what the fuss was about.

When I walked into the deli, I saw a large room with table and chairs, and a huge walk-up counter that spanned the entire right side of the room. A gentleman greeted me at the door and handed me a pink ticket, and told me that for waiter service I needed to pick a table on the left side of the room (those who order at the counter can sit on the right so that the waiter knows not to serve them.) The pink ticket served as the meal ticket, on which the waiter or counter person would write the total cost of the meal, and you would take the ticket back to the front to pay. There were signs plastering the front of the deli stating that lost tickets would result in a $50.00 charge, no exceptions. I held onto my little ticket tightly and found a seat. The server was very nice- he asked me if I was from Ireland (I said no, but my family is)and brought me a plate full of fresh, assorted pickles. I ordered a bowl of traditional chicken noodle soup, as well as what ended up being one of the best cheesesteak sandwiches I have ever had. The meat was chopped into really small pieces and was marinated in some sort of incredible spice. They put on a small layer of swiss cheese and lightly toasted a fresh kaiser roll. I could have ordered it with onions and peppers but opted not to. The menu actually says, “We dare you to try to eat the whole thing.” I came pretty darned close, and I think the cheesesteaks are not as big as their pastrami or corned beef sandwiches. I was highly satisfied with my solitary lunch, topping it off by reading last week’s copy of The New Yorker magazine while savoring the meal.

The point is, if you are ever in New York and are craving a cheesesteak, this might be the place for you.


  1. Great... now I have a cheesesteak craving and as you probably know, there are no good places in SD to get a good cheesesteak.


  2. I read the title three (3) times:
    1) in my RFS/Atom feed browser,
    2) once just looking through what I had picked to read to see if I had time before I left for work,
    3) just before I started reading the blog.

    I read CheeseCAKE every time. Every time!


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