Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Not slowing down yet

August 4th marks my 2-Year Anniversary of moving to NYC!

Well, make that August 5th. I left California around 9:45pm on August 4, 2005 and arrived at 5:30am August 5, 2005. hence the confusion about the actual anniversary date. Maybe I’ll stretch out the festivities over a week or two like many of my friends do with their birthdays.

Save for going away to college, I'd never up and moved to a big city before. Make that ANY city other than the one my parents moved us to when I was 8 years old. I am a southern CA girl by nature, though you wouldn’t know it to look at me (blonde, yes, but I have the milky white skin of a Minnesota farm girl and confuse people with my lack of valley girl affectation.) And my college experience doesn’t count- I moved from San Diego to Los Angeles so no real culture shock there.

But I digress. I moved to NYC for a number of reasons: 1) to experience moving to a new place with no ties that bound me; 2) to have a more challenging career as an actor, and; 3) to see if NYC would really be able to keep up with my own fast paced nature. And, my, how the city has delivered. I am just as enamored of the city as I was 2 years ago. Maybe more so. Occasionally I will be in midtown and look up from my walk and notice the Empire State Building in my line of sight, and it never fails to impress.

Every day brings new, crazy experiences. Here are a few perks from today:

9am- Wake to say goodbye to a houseguest who was in town for a wedding (when you live in a popular and expensive city, it becomes necessary to provide refuge for your friends.)

9:45am- Walk my dog outside and tried in vain to “curb” her (which is to have her pee off the curb instead of on the sidewalk.) When I do this, my dog waits to see if anyone is looking, and then when she is sure of an audience she puts on her “I’m being abused, call the ASPCA” look. I got a couple of these looks today as I dragged her to the curb- she has this incredible locking mechanism in her legs which makes her look pathetic. I am waiting for an arrest warrant. During the walk, she is approached by an older woman with short pink hair. It is the sort of pink where you are not sure if the woman knows it is pink- sort of a baby pink. I don’t have any clue what kind of hair dye results in pink hair. Let me also note that this woman didn’t say a word to me as she stopped to pet my dog. This is pretty typical. People will walk up and have an entire conversation with the dog and never even so much as look at you. And they use baby voices. And they speak of me in the 3rd person, as in, “Oh, you don’t want to go in with that mean mommy, do you? You just want to stay outside like any normal doggie. Poor baby! Can’t mommy just let you enjoy the fresh air?”

10:05am: Late for my breakfast with my friend, Kathryn, because my dog was dawdling in our walk. No doggie bag for her.

11:30am: I am on my way to the subway to travel to Astoria, Queens to get my hair touched up (read: not a natural blonde, and today it is showing). As I get into the upper part of the station, I hear my train just pulling in. I would have to run in order to get there in time, and I would likely miss it. I ran to the turnstyle, swiped my Metrocard, and started running to the stairs of the platform along with a man in his late 40s/early 50s. “There’s no way we’re making it,” he said. “Oh, I’m making it,” I said. “And I’m holding the door for you when I get there.” Sure enough, we made it. Score one for the Cronical.

4:00pm: I am finally done with getting my hair done and I go to have a bite to eat. I enter an empty restaurant and I am seated by the server at a table directly facing a man eating his meal alone. Awkward... As my food is served, he leans in and says, “Bon appetit!” Which was very nice. He also wished me a good day as he was leaving. Maybe it was my fresh, blonde hair that enticed him.

4:30pm: I was waiting to get on the subway to Manhattan when a young woman elbows her way to get ahead of me into the train car. She keeps pushing, which seems really aggressive and I am about to push back. Then I realize that she wasn’t pushing intentionally, it was her gigantic purse pressing into me and she was completely oblivious. I wanted to push her anyway to punish her for having such a big purse, but I am actually a pretty nice person so I didn’t.

5:15pm: Got home, set up some audition appointments, practiced some audition songs, and read some theater websites to get caught up on the business. I also watched a little bit of “Astrologer Forecast” on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN)- Jupiter is apparently creating some wonderful new things for us in the next few weeks.

8:00pm: Ordered NY pizza to be delivered, and when we called they somehow knew our address and door buzzer without us even identifying ourselves. Normally we don’t get it delivered, because the restaurant is literally 3 doors down and across the street, so we were very surprised. They must have had very fancy Caller ID. Big brother is watching.

9:30pm: I am blogging to you good people.

By the way- welcome to all of the wonderful viewers at BlogCatalog. I recently signed on to this blogging community and somehow people are finding me and liking this blog. Go figure!

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  1. Happy Anniversary, Miss Erin! SoCal still hasn't recovered from your departure.

    And it takes FOUR HOURS to touch up the color in your hair? Yowza!



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