Saturday, July 14, 2007

One of the reasons I love New York

A week ago I went to a see a friend of a friend in a sketch comedy show at The People's Improv Theater (P.I.T.). My friend said something about the sketch troupe being a part of a larger evening of comedy that may include some nudity. Turns out that the first Friday of the month, The PIT hosts a show called the "Naked Stand Up Comedy Showcase."

True to its title, we sat through an evening of naked stand up and naked sketch comedy. It was well worth my $8 ticket- not because the naked men and women were nice to look at (they weren't, necessarily) but because seeing other people naked can help you feel better about yourself (and I do.)

Oh, and we saw a very large man with a case of elephantitis of the testicles (and inchwormitis of the penis...) You don't see that every day.


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