Tuesday, July 3, 2007

And the winner is...

News from the cubicle marshmallow fights:

Tom first emails and says, "I AM VICTORIOUS IN BATTLE!"

He then rescinds the comment, forwarding a challenge from a co-worker: "How could this be when the preliminaries said “Frank (last name deleted) came out with guns blazing”? And to quote one Tom (last name deleted), one of the members of the opposing team, “Frank, I wish I were on your side!” as he went off to nurse his wounds. I think the results have been rigged. We demand a recount. But in the meantime we await the video review."

But, in the end, Tom's team was awarded victory.

See the video review here: http://tomtillotson.com/marshmallow.html

While watching the clip, take a look for friendly fire and enemies crossing the lines. Please also note that my boyfriend, Tom, was the one who eventually fights with a box on his head.


  1. You are so brave. To have nearly been a marshmallow widow and yet, not a single tear shed...

  2. Oh... I see Tom keeps a very... um... clean... website. Yep. Very tidy.

  3. Oh, I cried. But it was from laughing so hard.

    And, yes, his website is very tidy. It used to only have a link to his blog, but then he got rid of that. So, this is the first active thing he has had on there in a while...


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