Monday, January 22, 2007

Vote for my friend!

Hi, all. My friend and fellow actor, Ellen Haynes (aka BlondeAmbition) is being considered for the lead role in an online film competition. I just voted for her, and I think you should too! Her submission is quite good, especially compared to the others. Please stop by and lend her your support!

Erin =)


Here is her email request:

Hi Friends and Family!

As you may know, I have qualified for the third of four rounds in a competition for a lead role in a movie. The three actresses with the most online votes move on to the final round. Voting ends this FRIDAY (Jan 26) and I am not yet in the top three. This is where you come in! I'm asking for your votes! Please forward this email to your friends and family... even your enemies! I figure I need around 150 more votes to move forward. It's close! If everyone out there forwards this to a few more people I'll qualify! All the details are below.

Here it is:

The movie is called "Live Mansion", it has a several million dollar budget and distribution. They are casting four actresses, four actors and a director through the online community at How fun is that? I am up for the role of REBECCA: "Rebecca is a beautiful girl, but not one to flaunt it. She doesn’t assume she can go places in life simply because she looks good. Although lady-like, she isn’t afraid to get physical and dirty if necessary. A good athlete and intellectually gifted, she excels in school and goes to a top college."

I ask you to register on and vote! The whole thing takes about 3 minutes, and who knows... yours could be the vote that takes me to the final round!

Easy steps:

1) Go to and click on "Sign up free" at the top.
2) Fill out the form (they won't spam or sell your email address)
3) Check your email for a confirmation message from and click on the link
4) Go to "View Round 3 Contestants"
5) For the role of REBECCA vote YES for BlondeAmbition (me!)

If you run into a glitch on the site, close out of your browser and try again.

* extra credit (1 star) watch my video! My friend Arnold Schrader directed, Rob lent the camera and we had a ball!
**extra credit (2 stars) forward this email to ALL your friends and family!! The game is on!! Only a few days left!!

I appreciate your support. This whole process has been really fun so far, thanks for being part of it!!



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