Friday, January 12, 2007

Blogger's Block

Do you ever get Blogger’s Block? Let me set the scene:

You love to blog. You have friends that blog every day and you think, “Man, I want to blog every day!” So you tell yourself that tomorrow you will start blogging every day.

But the next day you sit down at your computer and you don’t have anything you write about... yet. But you figure that if you sit down again later, you will have something. Anything. You don’t need much, right?

So many ideas pop up throughout the morning and midday you sit down to blog. But then you realize that these several ideas are bigger than just one blog and you don’t know which one to start with. Plus, time is running out for other things you have to do. So, you think, “Well, I can write all of the ideas tomorrow, and it will be like 3 blogs in two days, and then I will be ahead.”

But the next day, you end up really busy so you don’t blog that day. And the ideas, which were really fresh the other day, are seeming stale. Several days pass. New ideas that could have come up have been pushed down by the old ideas, because you figured you didn’t need any new material. But now, 6-7 days later and no blogs, you are wishing you had made room for the new ideas because you are back at your blog, staring at it blankly. The clock mocking you. Your blog mocking you.

And so the cycle continues. You’re back to looking at your friends’ blogs thinking, “I wanna blog every day...”

Does anyone else go through that?


  1. I like ice cream.

  2. Ice cream helps a lot.

  3. Beef jerky is tasty too.

  4. Ok. Now you are just showing off.


  5. I think the secret to blogging everyday is to realize that you don't have to write something important everytime you blog. Or even long. If you just start blogging every day, no matter what you have to say or not say, you'll find in a couple of weeks that blogging everyday comes easily. It also helps to be angry about a lot of shit.


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