Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I Open Today- yikes!

As most of you know, I have traveled back to my hometown of San Diego to perform in the Actors Alliance Festival of Short Plays. I am doing a 10 minute, one woman show called “The Manager”, which is about the neurosis of a woman when the main in her life who, instead of expressing himself, leaves it up to her to interpret his actions and words. We all know that’s a BIG mistake, and this show takes a hilarious look at what the result is...

Rehearsals went very well once I arrived in San Diego. I worked with the producer/playwright on making sure all of the intentions were clear, and my friends Barb and Jason took a look at the piece yesterday to give me some last minute feedback. I think I am ready for tonight. There is huge pressure in being by yourself on stage, especially in a comedy. Your timing has to be perfect, both in setting up the jokes but also in holding for laughs that may or may not come. Plus, if someone doesn’t like the show, it usually falls completely on the shoulders of the performer. The piece was developed based on a true story I had told him about a situation I found myself in, so if people don’t like this character it is safe to say that they don’t like me. But, then again, they may love me and that is sometimes even harder to deal with!

So, I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes. I think there is a photographer there tonight too, so I will post photos soon!


  1. Best of luck! Fingers crossed for you.

  2. Did you get film?

  3. I love you, I like you, and sure, I've been a little jealous of you....okay a lot. But how can we all NOT be....you're fabulous! your wonderful! you're are a light on stage. I'm not just kissing your ass, I mean it. The Manager for those who did not see it and I'm sorry if you didn't was a huge success, a really excellent piece, top to bottom. Well written, well directed and well performed. It was real and sweet and everyone woman in the audience could relate to your special little neurosis being played upon that stage. And every man was loving this glimpse into the female mind. Oi!I'm so happy for you and hope New York knows what they've got on their hands. Your a star baby all the way!!!!


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