Thursday, July 27, 2006

Happiness is...

• Coming home to visit and finding that my mother has stocked the fridge with my favorite foods
• My boyfriend flying across the country to see my 10 minute, one woman show
• Free Wi-Fi
• Free Refills
• Freedom
• People who leave neat comments on my blog
• Puppy dogs
• Seeing old friends
• Kristen, Laura, Kory, Emily and David moving to NYC!!!
• Getting to see my dear friend, Anna, get married
• Having a job that allows me to work remotely so I can follow my dream but get paid at the same time
• Chocolate chip cookies
• Forgiveness and humility
• Knowing that in every moment, I have a choice to live life to the fullest instead of cowering in fear
• Tax write-offs
• What is possible

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