Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Actor's Nightmare

I had a dream last night that fits in with a stream of “actor’s nightmare” type dreams that I have on occasion. In this one, I realize that I am likely going to get cast in a really big role that I am starting to get excited about. Then I hear some rumors that they are still uncertain about the casting and they would call me about it. When I finally get the phone call, they tell me I can choose between two roles- the big one I had heard about and a much smaller one. They ask me which I liked better based on the script and I realize that I had not read the script and therefore didn’t know the character names. I couldn’t very well say, “I want the big one” and it would look really bad if I told them that I hadn’t read the script. So, I start panicking because I am afraid that I will pick the small one by accident. But then I remember the name of the character for the big part, and I ask if that one is still available. The casting person says yes, and that I can have it if I wanted it. I accepted, and the rest of the dream I spent in a little bit of a daze, being excited about the role, but also being anxious because I almost blew it. The dream ended with me seeing some actor friends and telling them we would be working together again and being pretty happy about it.

Then I woke up and realized that I am still waiting to hear back about two auditions I had last weekend. Plus, I am waiting to hear if we got the apartment or not. I guess these types of dreams happen as your mind is trying to work out its problems. Fascinating...

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