Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Headed East...

I am headed to Norway today (June 14) for 2 weeks to meet my boyfriend's maternal side of the family. Egads. This is the first time he has brought a girl home to meet them, and let me just say, they are REALLY excited to see if I actually exist. I have been warned that there will be a lot of drinking going on, as it is rumored that the family, due to outrageous pricing of liquor in Norway, makes their own moonshine in their basement (I have been practicing binge drinking to build up my tolerance.) I might also have to eat things I have never eaten before, like moose, whale, and fish that still have eyeballs.

Not that I can't adapt, but remember that story about the mice who visit each others' home so they can see how the other one lives- "The City Mouse and the Country Mouse"? Well, folks, I am a city mouse. (Ok, maybe that story is not the best example, since the city mouse almost gets the country mouse killed 3 times, but that is beside the point...) I am not the type of high maintenance "city mouse" that needs a hair dryer and makeup and lots of shoes. But I am the type of high maintenance that doesn't pee in the woods, eat things that look like they did when they were alive or like people laughing at me when I try speaking a foreign language. But, ladies and gentleman, I will do all of this in the name of Love. For two weeks. With no internet or cell phone. L-O-V-E. LOVE. Whatever will MySpace do without my constant survey posting?!?

We are going just in time for the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. It is rumored that the sun sets after 11pm in the part of the country that we will be at. It is supposed to be sunny and in the 70s most of the time, very much like weather in my hometown of San Diego. And I will have nothing to do but relax, eat, drink and be with my favorite person in the world. Nothing could be better, except perhaps having the Padres win the World Series.

So when I don't do a blog for a few days, don't freak out! I promise to back in rare form by the end of the month.

Happy Summer to everyone!

Thursday, June 8, 2006

I am sickened

Today, news agencies around the world reported that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, al Qaeda leader in Iraq, has been killed by a US air strike. Pictures of his dead face appear on and I am just sickened by the actions of the US government and the reactions of the media with regard to this, and other, political killings. Since when has the US had an agenda to kill people instead of bringing them to justice? What kind of justice is killing? And how does this make us any different than terrorists around the world?

If someone had come into our country and killed President Bush, whom many people believe is guilty of war crimes and atrocities similar to those of al-Zarqawi, we would be outraged. But somehow we are ok with the US government targeting and killing a “bad” person. And I don’t condone what Zarqawi has done, but if you knew where he was (which enabled you to bomb him), why not try to capture him instead? Isn’t that what we are there for, to “spread democracy?” Is it “democracy” to kill political figures?

The biggest problem I have with this is, admittedly, not the killing itself but the glorifying of the killing by the government in the media. What kind of message are you sending to the US people, and those abroad, by saying things like this?:

“Click the photo to watch video of bombing”- Headline

"The ideology of terror has lost one of its most visible and aggressive leaders," Bush said. "Zarqawi's death is a severe blow to al Qaeda... Zarqawi personally beheaded American hostages and other civilians in Iraq. Now Zarqawi has met his end and this violent man will never murder again." -statement by President Bush

"Today, Zarqawi has been terminated. This is a message to all those who take violence as a path," - Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki

There is some hope, though...

One of the articles on is an interview with Michael Berg, father to the beheaded Nicholas Berg. Mr. Berg is saddened by the murder of al-Zarqawi, despite the responsibility for the death of his son, and talks about it here:

Thank goodness for a man like Michael Berg. Violence does not stop violence. Education, compassion, and strength stop violence. We just fuel the fire more by being everything they hate. The US is living a isolationist lifestyle (we want to do what we do and not be bothered by anyone) and yet consistently put ourselves out in the world, telling others what to do. It’s one or the other, guys.

I am disappointed, disturbed and despondent about this situation. We need more Michael Berg’s in this world.

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Let's Play A Game

Let’s play a game called “How Many Jobs Can One Person Have Without Going Bonkers?”

Here are the rules:

- I type out a description of all of the jobs I have on my plate at the moment
- You see if you can beat me while still remaining sane


25 hours per week as a work-at-home administrator of a non profit service organization
10-15 hours per week as a advertising sales rep for a national business theatre publication
freelance marketing consultant for a film production company
freelance communications consultant for a mind/body/senses entrepreneur
freelance marketing consultant for a non profit business & human rights group
freelance technical consultant for another film production company
directing a short play for the Midtown International Theatre Festival
rehearsing for my own short, one woman show at the Actors Alliance Festival in San Diego

Not to mention:


Wheee!!! This game is fun!

Now, see if you can beat that score. Go!

Sunday, June 4, 2006

Inspirational Quote of the Day

Provided by my good friend, Joey:

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." --Albert Einstein 

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