Friday, April 28, 2006

The hits just keep on coming!

Ok, so I love being an actor and getting the chance to do all kind of performance and promotional opportunities. But sometimes things happen and I think, “Is this really what my life has become?”

This job opportunity just came across my inbox:

“To celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Maybelline mascara – Great Lash, we are seeking 2 energetic males or females to be Great Lash mascots and walk around Times Square. The costume is a pullover (meaning your body is covered, but not completely enclosed in a full body costume) with a screen for the face area. (In other words, you will be incognito). To ensure the costume fits properly, you must be 5’8” or taller and on the thin side.  Remember, you are a tube of mascara...“

Huh? Can you imagine walking around Time Square as a tube of mascara?!?

The sad thing is, this job pays more than most of the temp jobs I have been called for... if only I were 5’8“ (or taller)- I would snatch this job right up.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Update for my peeps back home...

Hello, friends!

I know, I know... I promised an update every couple of months and it has been longer than that since I contacted you. But there have been lots of things going on here in NYC (an elsewhere) which I will elaborate on in this update.  Needless to say, I have missed you!

First, I need your help
I know so many people whose lives have been affected by women's cancers. I have decided to something about it. Along with a group of friends from the F-ing Cool Women's (FCW) Society, we have pledged to raise money by participating in the Revlon Run/Walk for Cancer. I am collecting online donations (tax deductible!) at the following website:

The Revlon Run/Walk for Cancer

My grandmother is in remission from cervical cancer and hopefully by the time I get to be her age cervical cancer will have gone the way of polio. But that won't happen without help from folks like you. Please consider donating (you may also send me a check made out to the Revlon Run/Walk)

Personal Update
As some of you know, tragedy struck my family in February of this year. My father suddenly passed away on February 1 from a cardiac arrest (which may have been precipitated by a stroke, we'll never know). It has dealt a huge blow to family, for whom my father was the cornerstone. I still cannot seem to make my mind grasp the reality of the situation. This event is part of my reasoning for being out of touch. We are all hanging in there, though, and I pass on my thanks again to those of your who sent your condolences. 

Aside from the family sadness, I am happy to report that the rest of my personal life is good. I am dating a great guy named Tom and we are having lots of fun exploring the city together. Denver (my dog) likes New York and has made several friends in the neighborhood, most notably Polo, the handsome white alaskan husky who lives down the street. Denver is very happy it is no longer winter, though we will have to shave her winter coat soon!

NYC Living & Working
I am still living in the same apartment in Astoria, NYC and I still love it! It is finally spring (it snowed on April 4, what was THAT about???) and everyone has a little spring in their step (pardon the pun). I now know what "Spring Fever" means- people are in great moods, are more accommodating, and anything seems possible. 

As far as work, I have been successful in finding work which indulges my need for flexibility and my passion for making a difference. I have found a dream job that seems like it just fell out of the sky and into my lap. I am working with a non profit organization called The Transition Network , which is a service organization for women over 50 that helps address the question, "What's Next?" They needed another admin person to come in to help with PR, communications and member services. I get to work from home for 20 hours a week doing almost the same things as I did at the Actors Alliance- working with members and providing a platform for them to get everything they want and need out of their membership organization. It is awesome! I am also helping them put into place a 3 year communications plan that was written for them by an outside consulting firm. In addition to that, I have just taken on some outside marketing work with a theatre magazine called DramaBiz which is geared towards performing arts professionals who produce live theatre. The publisher is passionate about helping producers get the resources they need to run a successful theatre. It is a national magazine (based in San Diego) and I am going to head up the advertising efforts here in NYC. Imagine- all the way in NYC I am able to make a difference for the San Diego (and global) theatre community. How cool is that??? Add that to the other project based consulting clients I have, and I could not be more thrilled with the opportunities I have found. It only took 8 months, but now I feel like I have finally made something for myself!

Performing/Arts Related Stuff
When I moved to New York I made a choice to stay in the city and do local theatre only. Unfortunately, there are more auditions for tours and regional productions than there are for NY productions. So, this means that I am doing less auditioning than expected. However, I have still had some good auditions and know that it is the same in NY as anywhere- you have to study your craft, meet like minded individuals, and live in the spirit of collaboration. I have been very pleased with my progress so far, and have met some amazing people. Not only am I auditioning for theatre, but film and television as well. I am also involved with the local medical schools doing standardized patient training and have done some print work. Background work in film & TV is very lucrative here (and easy to get!), and it is a great way to get on the set to meet film crews. I am amazed at the different types of opportunities that are available if I open myself up to them. 

As I have mentioned in previous updates, I am also involved with a bit of directing. I have collaborated with a local playwright to turn 4 short plays into a full evening of theatre, and we have submitted it to the New York Fringe Festival. I have also been asked to direct an evening of short plays for the Midtown International Theatre Festival, but I am waiting to hear about the Fringe before I commit to the MITF, because the festivals run back to back. 

Finally, this summer I will be working on putting together a new cabaret for New York City stages. First I will be looking for a local musician/composer to collaborate with, and then we will create something that will really take NYC by storm! I'll be sure to keep you all posted on that. 

In conclusion...
I am sure there is more to talk about, but I don't know what you want to know unless you write to me! Also, networking is vitally important with all of my endeavors, so if you know someone in NYC that I should know, please pass on their info to me (or mine to them). Even if it is just a friend you think I would like, pass it on! Working from home means that I don't get to meet new people too often, so I would welcome the reference!

Drop me a note and let me know how you are doing!

Hugs to you all,

Erin =)

Monday, April 10, 2006

Happiness List

It’s been a while since I have done a Happiness List. I am feeling so great today that I just have to do it!

Happiness is...

• Spring in New York City
• Going home for a visit with friends and family
• Knowing I am in good health
• Reconnecting with friends Candice and Kris
• Lying beside my puppy dog, my best friend for the past 10 years
• Seeing one of my favorite performers live
• Helping to cure women’s cancers by doing a charity walk (join me by making an online donation! Even $1 helps and it it tax deductible!)
• Corned Beef Hash and Eggs, which has become a Sunday tradition
• Working from home on freelance marketing projects that make a difference
• Being in love and finding my independence at the same time
• Having great roommates who are just, all around, good people
• Getting emails and card from friends. I LOVE checking email and the mail
• Online communities like Flickr, MySpace and TextAmerica
• Going to parties with great friends
• Knowing that every day I have the possibility of doing what I always dreamed... and more.

Monday, April 3, 2006

Great Quote

"I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief."

    --Gerry Spence (thanks to my friend, Joey, for passing this on)

The Fine Print

All content in this here blog is released under a Creative Commons by-NC-ND license. That means you're free to share it, republish it, refer to it, include it in your wedding vows, whatever... PROVIDED you

a) credit me (with my name, my blog's name, and a link back to my site- displayed at the top of the blog)
b) you don't change anything
c) you don't use it to make money.

To view the license, click here. To learn more about Creative Commons, click here.

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