Saturday, March 4, 2006

This is what happens at my house every morning...

I love my doggie, but MAN, I HATE walking her in the winter! Can someone please tell the gods that it is March? Time for some heat!

Courtesy of my favorite comic in the world, Mutts

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    Brent A said...

    Ha! Latte wouldn't make it in the snow. She's a SoCal dog through and through. When we try to go out and it's any cooler than about 65, she looks at me like "Are you nuts? It's COLD out there!

    Petrol said...

    Did you get her some doggie booties?

    Mark DeWhitt said...

    Hey Erin~ Haven't updated my blog in a while, but when I did it today I saw your note! How good to hear from you. Glad you are happy in New York. I read some of your profile and we have crazy coincidences like the DeeLite song, Tori Amos, Ayn Rand, The Indigo Girls, etc... I guess I never knew! I'll bookmark your site and look forward to your big break.


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