Monday, March 13, 2006

Rumor has it

I have heard a rumor from several reliable sources that there are people who have been reading my blogs and (gasp!) have never left a comment. This means that I could have a whole legion of readers that are previously unaccounted for. Now, I do not usually subscribe to rumors, those nasty little things that made my childhood miserable. But it did get me thinking (read: fantasizing)... Could it be possible that some people read my blog and see my photos but hide themselves from me, denying me the satisfaction of knowing that I am not alone in the universe? Is it possible that someone actually likes to read the musings that come out of my little brain? My inclination is to say no, but these persistent sources claim otherwise.

Word has come in from these secret sources that these “lurkers” could be part of any one of the following groups:

• friends of my relatives, notably those relatives who live in Oregon
• friends/teachers from high school who randomly found me online but refuse to admit they “knew me when“
• drama students from a certain high school in Escondido, CA (which shall remain nameless but their mascot may or may not be a bird)
• bloggers from other sites who are stealing my ideas and improving on them (not too hard to do)

So as to eliminate this rumor as a cruel hoax, if you have been reading this blog (or visiting either my Flickr or Textamerica photo sites), please leave me a little message to let me know you stopped by. Let me know how you found out about my site, and if you have a website, give me the address some I can come visit you too. It’s no fun to blog without knowing people are reading it, so give me a holler and let me know you love (or are outraged by) my websites.

It would make me really, really happy! =)


  1. Ahhh... the irony.

  2. Hey Baby,
    I'm reading!!! I'M Reading!!!
    I just found you doing a little search on past A.A.festivals.
    I'm directing this year.
    It is so strange without you in this city my friend. I didn't see you that much from where I am of course way up here in Ramona, but I felt your presence and I tell you it is surely missed.
    Hope all is well with you and you're staying warm.
    Peace and Carrots, Julie Clemmons
    Check out Truly Julie and Poor Players on MySpace. Fun pics.

  3. Who are you calling a lurker??? Just cause I'm in Poway and a RED SOX FAN does not make me a lurker. Hahahaha :-P

  4. Red Sox fans I can handle, it's those darned Dodgers fans... Go Padres! Did you grow up in Poway? Were you a Titan? We might have some problems, then, since I was an OG Patriot!

  5. I read! This and actor's enterprise, as of a couple days ago! Found via googling another blog. I am an actor/director in the DC area (as of a year ago) and have several actor friends in NY and LA. I appreciate your candor and advice! I just followed you on twitter: @Rachael_Murray

  6. Haha! Thanks, Rachael - so glad we've found each other. I've followed you back! :)


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