Friday, November 18, 2005

Life as a Temp/PA

I just got hired as a part time personal assistant (PA for short) for a female entrepreneur who needs someone to organize her life and help her with marketing odds and ends for her business. She is also passing along my info to some other people who need help in case I want more hours/money. Can I tell you how excited I am??? She completely supportive of my auditioning needs, and I think a job with this much task variety will keep me from getting bored. I am also temping, which is fun all on its own. Between those two jobs and the theatre I am pursuing, I plan on being pretty busy in the coming months with some crazy projects. That being said, I want to keep you updated on what it is like to fight for a living wage while pursuing acting in The Big Apple. Surely the stories will be plentiful, filled with hi-jinx and near fatal misses. So in future blog entries, keep your eyes open for little updates on what tasks my two bosses (temp and PA) are having me do.

Peace out, homies.


  1. Hello Erin. It's Andrew Derho here. Hopefully that name at least rings a bell, or how embarrassing for me! Brett Jackson gave me your blog address, and I thought I would just say hello. For some reason I'm inordinately pleased to see that you are still involved in theatre. Respect is due and best of luck in that pursuit. I hope you enjoy NYC as much as Brett seems to. I am in Aberdeen, Scotland doing a Philosophy degree, and just to make you feel better, I also faced down 30 unemployed and with few prospects. If Personal Assisting should ever get you down, just keep your eyes on the prize. Lord knows I've done every job under the sun through gritted teeth, but even I am getting there slowly but surely.

    Good luck,

  2. Whoa, Nelly! Andrew Derho! I am thrilled to hear from you! It is awesome that you are in Scotland. How long have you been there? I adore Scotland- lucky you! for being there! I see you have a blog so I will start following it religiously. Thank you for getting in touch with me- you made my day!

  3. How lovely that you're so pleased to hear from me! I've been in Scotland since February, and before that in England for five years.

    Bearing in mind that you've found my blog I decided to actually post something today. I'm afraid weeks can pass without me adding to it. One has to be in that blogging frame of mind, you know?



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