Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Cats vs Dogs = LOVE ?

Ok, so just follow me along this stream of consciousness...

Dogs typically offer an overabundance of enthusiastic, affectionate love and you always know how they feel about you.
Cats typically offer the type of love that says, “Of course I love you. If I didn’t love you, I would have run away by now. So, let me nap, why don’t you?”

Men tend to prefer dogs to cats as pets
Women tend to prefer cats to dogs as pets

Men, in love, tend to act like cats
Women, in love, tend to act like dogs

Does this mean that because men prefer dogs, that they want unconditional love that they don’t have to work so hard for?

Does this mean that because women prefer cats, they want the type of love they always have to work hard for?

And if all of the above is true, did my last relationship end because I had a dog and he had a cat?

Temp/PA Update

Employer: Giorgio Armani. Position: Sales Assistant. Tasks: pour through hundreds of order confirmations to make sure that what was shipped to the stores was actually what was ordered.

Job review: Pay could have been better but I got to work in a quiet office with a gorgeous view of the Empire State Building. Also was allowed 1 hour for lunch and could have coffee at my desk.

Job rating: B+

Position: Personal Assistant. Tasks: Reorganize home office, which included cleaning off entire desk and categorizing everything on it, then creating a system for where everything will go. Completed job with label maker.

Job Review: This is the first step to assisting my new employer with her at-home business. Her stunning loft in right in the middle of SoHo, which means I’ll have a great time window shopping when I get off of work.

Job Rating: B+

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