Friday, October 28, 2005

And so it goes...

I am unemployed again. Thankfully. Without regret. And more focused on the future than ever. God, I love New York.

Artwork courtesy of my very favorite comic "Mutts"


  1. Effing blog-spam...

    Sorry to hear you're jobless, but if you're happy about it... well then.. Yay!

    So, what happened? Oh, and when does your latest ep of Veronica Mars air?

  2. I forgot to ask... did you ever find the guy?

    just kidding, of course.

  3. Ha ha! I saw that post too- thought it was genius.

    My next episode of VM air next Wednesday at 9pm (and repeats on Sunday at 7pm) I am supposed to do an interview on Ninja Radiop about it, but I think it will air after the main episode airs (but hopefully before Sunday). I will be back on the blog this weekend with details of the job-quittage and the show. Thanks, as always, for stopping by!

  4. Hey, Erin! I echo what "Petrol" said about your unemployment situation. Hope you enjoy V.M. tonight -- I'll have to miss it, as we STILL don't get more than CBS, ABC, and lame-ol' Fox, but we'll catch it when it comes out on dvd!

    Glad you're lovin' NYC.... :)

    The library in the past has never let me onto your site, but today was no problem. I also read your hot chocolate story (and posted a reply). I may have a chance to read another one or two....

    BE WELL.



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