Tuesday, September 13, 2005

When a door closes...

...another opens.

In mid August I got a residual check from a rerun of the first Veronica Mars episode I shot. Whenever I get a check like that, I have to send 10% to my agent. This time around, though, I have been waiting to send the check because I needed it to be accompanied by an official "I no longer need San Diego representation" letter, and I had not yet written the letter. So, last Thursday I decided that it was finally time to write this letter and get it in the mail. Part of my writing the letter was letting go of my San Diego career, which was very successful, in exchange for an unknown but presumably more successful career in New York. I had been feeling a little uncertain about the transition, but felt it was time to jump in with both feet and see what developed. No sooner did I start the letter did the phone ring with a calI from my agent in San Diego who says I have booked another episode of "Veronica Mars" (UPN TV series) in the same role as in Season 1. Wahoo!!!! My first recurring role! I will be flying to San Diego this coming Monday night, shooting on Tuesday, and spending Wednesday and Thursday with family and friends, then flying home Thursday evening on the red eye.

Here's where the "door closes, another opens" mentality comes in. Had I been hired by any of the companies I had interviewed for in the past couple of weeks, I would probably not have been able to do this gig. Ideally, I would have found a job that would have allowed me the time to go, but usually they would not let the employee have the time off so soon. How cool is that???

I am not one who believes in fate or the stars (or religion), so let me just say what an incredible coincidence it is that I was writing that letter and the phone rang at the same time. I acknowledge that there are some things you just can't plan. Maybe, more than anything, this is life telling me that ending chapters and starting new ones is not such a bad thing. Like any door closed, something can still come knocking and you can open the door back up to let it in.


  1. Perhaps, just perhaps, it's the path of destiny... :)


  2. Or maybe God is cruel, and this is just the first of many steps she's taking in order to crush you.

  3. Thanks, Daniel. I like you optimism.

    Tom, I am not sure what I liked the most about your post- that you capitalized God or that you made her female...

  4. So, this begs the question:
    Did you decide to retain your San Diego rep?

  5. Petrol- Well, I will retain my SD agent for this TV show, but since I won't be traveling to San Diego for auditions, they would be foolish to represent me for other projects. Thanks for asking!

  6. Thanks, the suspense was *killing* me. ;)


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