Friday, August 12, 2005

Mystery solved

My dear friend Brent was the one who sent the plant to me. What a wonderfully sweet gift. I promise I will photograph it and add it to my Photo Blog on of these days.

Happy Birthday to Claire!

Well, I have been here a week exactly, and the honeymoon period has not ended yet. I am truly lucky to have great friends taking good care of me in the city. Rarely have I found more hospitality than I have experienced here. Tonight, I get to go out with my friends Jessica and Noah, who live in Brooklyn. We are seeing a band in the East Village, which should be lots of fun. Jess is an actor/educator turned lawyer, and Noah is a software guru turned musician. They courageously have followed their dreams and are a constant source of inspiration for me. Tomorrow, I get to have dinner with theatre friends Sarah and Matt, who are visiting from San Diego. Sunday I will be out with Jess again in the evening meeting some of her friends.

Monday is when I will start working on the career aspects of my new life. Starting with a trip to the Actors' Equity building, I will look into auditioning and flexible work opportunities that will be both financially rewrading and emotionally fulfilling. It would be a dream situation to be able to find a job like the one I had in San Diego at the Actors Alliance. I miss them. I'll be sure to let you know about my various pursuits, and be following it with my camera, as always!

Courtney has something on her blog that I have always liked- she often talks about what she is grateful for in her life. I have maintained a list like this for years, but it is called my Happiness List. Things that no matter what my mood will always make me happy. I thought I would share some of those with you now and then add to them every so often.

Happiness List

Napping with my dog Denver

Walking up the the subway platform with my train just arriving

Getting mail from home (or plants)

Being with friends I have not seen in years

Warm weather at midnight

The promise of a new day

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