Sunday, August 14, 2005

Mmm... pizza...

I think I have found the best pizza in NYC. On Thursday I went up to Harlem to hang with Courtney and she took me to Patsy's. The pizza was the thinnest I have ever seen with just the right amount of sauce and cheese. I am a little embarrassed to say that not only did we finish one large pizza between the 2 of us, but I ordered 2 more pieces for myself and ate them right then. Gluttonous, I tell you.

By the way, the above section was meant to incite others to tell me what THEY think the best pizza is... I double dog dare you! You can let me know by making a comment below.

On Friday night I hung out with friends Jessica and Noah on the Lower East Side at a bar/lounge called The Living Room, where we saw The Gabe Dixon Band perform live. They were fantastic. You can download their music at their website. I highly recommend going to live music venues- they are inspiring, fun and full of great energy.

I met Jess and Noah in San Diego, and they moved to New York last year. Noah is the drummer and occasional guitarist for another amazing performer, Randi Driscoll. I am thrilled to be living in New York where I will be able to see them perform far more often. Unfortunately for me, they are traveling to California soon to do some tour dates there. They will be in San Diego at Twiggs on August 21. Stop by and say hello.

Much to my delight, I have discovered a Goodwill Store right by the subway station. Those who know and love me are aware of my penchant for designer clothing at cheap prices. I am also thrilled because when my parent start to ship my stuff to me, I will invariably have packed too much and will need somewhere to get rid of it. The Goodwill is the perfect solution. So, if you have been trying to call or email me and I am not getting back to you, chances are I am at the Goodwill.

Speaking of shopping, there is a street fair on Steinway today, and I fear that I will walk home with a bunch of stuff I don't have room for. We'll see...

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