Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Am I a New Yorker Yet?

I have heard it takes 10 years in New York to make you a "local" and even then I may never be called a New Yorker. But I had my own New York moment the other day which made me think that me an ol' New York are going to do just fine together.

It has been overcast and very muggy the last few days (try 100% humidity) and I was in a subway station traveling to a job interview. I was dressed in business attire, and it was hot. I was looking forward to getting on a nice, air conditioned train. When the train finally pulled up, I noticed that there were a bunch of cars packed with people, and I was disheartened to think that I might have to stand- I had a book I needed to read! I then noticed that there were a few cars at the end of the platform that had fewer people. I thought, "Ah ha! I will run down the platform and get into one of THOSE cars. I am so smart." I catch the train, and right after the door slams behind me I notice that this car is, ready for this, NOT air conditioned. This would account for the lack of people in it. Apparently I made a horrible face of disgust, because a lady across the car laughed and nodded her head, as though to say "Tell me about it!" I sat down and pondered my fate. I was destined to arrive at my interview with sweat rings on my crisp, clean shirt and a foul look on my face. And then it hit me. I knew what to do. I pulled a New York move- at the next station I got off the train and got into another car. Brilliant!

The ultimate NY move would have been to go between subway cars while the train was still moving, but that is just crazy talk!

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