Friday, July 1, 2005

Blogging Drought

Sorry for missing June. And most of May. The Festival took over my life for 2 solid months (and for 7 months before that it took over half of my life!) I know, I know. My apologies are a little thin, and appear like I am crying "wolf" since that's what I type at the top of EVERY entry. But, of all the times I have written it, I REALLY mean it now. Seriously. "Please believe me, I know not what I do..."

OK, enough of that. I am so pleased with how the Festival went! To see snippets of some of the reviews, visit my Photos/Reviews page (also know as my shameless self promotion page... Come on- in this business there is no one else looking out for you, so you gotta do it yourself!) The show I directed and produced, "Correct Address," was honored with a "Best of the Fest" Production award, as well as awards for Best Direction (for me) and Best Performance for Matt and Joey. The show was amazing to work on, and the audience really responded to it. Not only did it make grown men cry, I think it helped people to see that the pain of loss knows no boundaries- and that everyone can relate to it because it is the human experience. It was compelling because the story was theatrically told in the context of an extraordinary situation that not many people have been in, but it reached out across these barriers and made people FEEL something. Remarkable.

Even cooler than all of that? "Correct Address" is written by a published playwright and I had to apply for the rights in order to do the play. The day after it closes, I get an email, in which the subject says "From a playwright somewhere in Brooklyn"-- It is Judd Silverman, esteemed playwright of "Correct Address." I was thrilled. He just wanted to let me know he was happy that his play was still being produced and that he had read good things about our production. I wrote him back to let him know just how many people were affected by his piece, and how he is changing the world person by person. Now, THAT was worth the whole experience by itself! Oh, and he said that when I get to New York I should call him and he will wlecome me to the Big Apple. Rock on!

"Pieces," the show I starred in, was also a success. The playwright and director did an amazing job of bringing this tale to life and allowing me to energize this character. For this role I won my first solo acting award! (I have also won an ensemble award in Festival 2003 for another one of Jim's plays "The Tree of Life.") I feel like my last time on a San Diego stage has been validated immensely!

Well, my last time as a resident... I am actually in callbacks for "Smell of the Kill" at NCRT. There are MANY very talented women called back for this show, directed by Brendon Fox. So, I don't have any idea how this will turn out. Now it is kind of out of my hands. I just have to go in there, be myself, and have fun. The production dates are from Sept-Nov 2005, which means that if I am cast, I go to NYC on August as a sort of scouting mission, come back for 2 full months, then move officially in November. The idea of NOT leavingfor good really messes with me, since I will no longer be at AASD and my life will be in flux for a while. But, I guess getting cast in a show would be a nice problem to have!

So, the current plan is to spend July catching up with friends and saying my goodbyes, packing like a maniac, holding a yard sale to get rid of all of my crap (can we say downsize???), and breathing into a paper bag each time I feel a panic attack coming on. I have really mixed emotions about the transition, but the closer I get the more excited I feel. Imagine how different it would be to never drive your own car? I know it will be annoying sometimes (can't buy furniture and drag it onto the subway- getting through the turnstyle would be a bitch!) ) But at the same time, I will not have to deal with traffic anymore. Yes, I will be losing the private singing time I have in my car, but I will be gaining the time to read novels, plays, subway maps, War and Peace, the phone book... You know, LOTS of time to read. I want to see how I adjust to all of this- life in San Diego is so "nice"- but not very exciting. Not risky. And if there is one thing I have learned in my 29 years (oops, I mean 21, I swear!) it is that in order to have great rewards you must have great risk. I need something bigger than myself to challenge me to be better than I could have ever imagined. I think New York will be just the place.

My last performance in San Diego will be at Schroeder's Club and Cabaret on July 25, 2005. It will be called "The Callback" (get it? They called me back and in theatre they have callb... never mind.) It is on a Monday night, and immediately following there will be a going away party. You can reserve tickets now- say that you are a friend of mine and you can get a 2 for $30 deal (single tickets are still $22). Proceeds go toward ECSAF (Erin Cronican Starving Artist Fund).

I'd like to leave you with a little humor by a friend who is so crazed by corporate america that on Friday afternoon's he goes a little wacko (especially before a holiday weekend). In my last cabaret I mentioned several times the influence the musical "West Side Story" has had on my life. My dear friend Jim (the playwright of "Pieces" and "Tree of Life") has since talked about me doing another one woman show written by him. His concept?

Note: Please excuse the bastardization of the West Side Story Tony/Maria death scene photo. "How many bullets are left in this gun?!? Enough for ju, and ju?"

Happy 4th of July Weekend!

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