Monday, January 31, 2005

January was a good month

January was a good month. I think I am well on my way to getting my new resolution met, which is to make this the best year of my life! On January 24, I went to Los Angeles to help a composer friend workshop his brand new musical for none other than Stephen Schwartz. It was inspiring and tons of fun. Stephen Schwartz and Disney co-sponsor a composing workshop for up and coming composer. More than 120 composer submitted to be a part of this workshop and only 4 composers were selected to participate. Needless to say, Jon Lorenz was one of them and I was honored to be asked to help. We presented 20 consecutive minutes of the show, then Jon received detailed feedback from a panel of "judges" including Stephen Schwartz. It was awesome. We go back next month and do 50 consecutive minutes. That should be really fun.

I am looking forward to February- I will be shooting the lead role in a short film and am hoping to do more video work. I just got new headshots by Greg Crowder (he is amazing- check out his website). I will be getting them printed soon so that I can officially reveal myself to the theatre community as a blonde. Take a look at my gallery of new pics if you get a chance.

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Saturday, January 1, 2005

The Best Year of My Life?

Well, 2004 just wound down and it is time to reflect on my year. I have had many good, and a few not so good, things happen this year, but all in all, I believe I can say I have achieved my yearly resolution, which is that it was "the best year of my life!" Here are some of the things that have shaped my life this year:

January 2004- I bought a condo in Golden Hill; my nephew Michael was in town to visit.

February 2004- Got signed by Shamon Freitas Talent Agency; did a couple of staged readings.

March 2004- Did reading of "King Lear" for Actors Alliance OBOS with the San Diego Rep; recorded a concept album for a brand new musical.

April 2004- attended the wedding of good friends Claire and Steve.

April- July 2004- Went on 2.5 month tour with the musical Suds; took my landlord to small claims court for charging us rent when another tenant had already moved into the property AND WON!

May 2004- Went to my 4th annual Coachella Valley Music Festival, after flying in from my tour dates in Tennessee with my good friend Jessa.

July 2004- I do a reading at La Jolla Playhouse with acclaimed playwright Melissa James Gibson; AASD produced a wildly successful Festival 2004; Erin and Kurt get engaged.

August 2004- I audition for "The Last Five Years" and get cast; shot a training video in Orange County.

September 2004- do benefit reading of "My Fair Lady" for Cygnet Theatre.

October 2004- Go to a wedding in CT for good friends Samina and James; go to NYC to visit friends Courtney, Noah and Jessica; audition for role on "Veronica Mars" TV series and get cast.

November 2004- we lose the election; I shoot another training video; I dye my hair blonde; I open "The Last Five Years"; Kurt breaks up with me and I am now free to roam the earth looking for new victims.

December 2004- It had been a good year, and despite some of the bad turns (lots of auditions and roles I did not get; losing a long term relationship) I have come through it pretty much unscathed. I am really looking forward to 2005 and all it has to offer. My plan is to move to NYC by the fall and start the life I was supposed to lead all along- in a city that embraces the arts and taking myself more seriously as an artist. May 2005 be the best year of my life!

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